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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Broke my heart()

you broke my heart, made me cry, n lied to me. you said you really luved me n dat you jst liked ur gf bt i guess dat was all a lie you lied to ur gf. n you lied to everyone at skool you said u didnt have a gf n you would always kiss me makeout wit me dat made me spr happy. until it was over you threw my happiness away ur happy im sad ur in luv wit a girl at skool n ur still wit dat other girl you tink cheating is right bt you know wat its nt n you tink using us girls is kool bt its nt.... one day ur gonna realize dat cheatingis wrong n ur gonna want us bak.. ur hurting us n u dnt evn know it.... u dnt really evn care about us. bt we care about you do u tink dats fare?? no its nt.. bc we dnt want to c u gt hurt bt u wanna c us gt hurt dats jst nt right. da important thing is ur hurting me n making me cry..... dis is me trying to say goodbye.. :(


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