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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Crying Urgently(Depression Poems)

BY: Aamir Qureshi

Twilights beauty is never seen
Dawn remains a mystery
Dusk falls asleep alone
Night draws its curtain blind

A glance from wall to wall
searching for the time
to know the hour of pain
A swollen voice calls out
in it a tone of shame
to know the hour of its pain
Ears that hear faintly
strain to capture the beating
only all that is heard is the scream
of the heart failing
A drop of water to soothe the tongue
never comes to the waiting
with sad eyes filled with tears
the tongue swells in solitude
the tears become staining
OH please OH please help me
scream the shadows of the air
as a murmur of voices sympathizes
with the shadows despair
Blue notes are heard being sung
from a distant radio bands blare
to the tune of the rushing sound
of forced pumped air

off in the distance very close by
rough words are spoken
to take the worry out of why
one voice is heard to say
bring in the family to say good -bye


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