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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Feel like I am falling

BY: Aamir Qureshi

Feel like I am falling.
Before you even let me go.
Grasping at nothing with my burdened soul.
My pain is deserved.
But may never match yours.
Even when your words, attack me like swords.
How Could I Do This?
Cause you this pain?
Over and over I Do it again.
You cry out for help.
I cannot hear your screams.
I get lost and I can't tell whether they are real or in your dreams.
You are calling me.
Calling me name.
Trying to share your innermost pain.
Asking and pleading.
Want some relief.
From the sorrow, the hurt I can see you have grief.
I want to help want to prove how I feel.
Come out in the open.
You don't have to conceal.
Temporal vision of your untimely death.
Leave me unsettled.
I want to confess.
It is me, it is my fault.
I put those thoughts there.
The evil that is me, made you not to see or care..
I did not want to do it.
For your pain is my own.
Don't want to hurt you.
But to redeem myself.
To change how you feel I hope I can do it so you know my love is real.


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