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Sunday, 9 February 2014

How Could You(Romantic Poems Best Romantic Poetry)

BY:Aamir Qureshi

Written::September 26,2005 at 5::35 p.m.
how could you not tell me
that you didn't want to be

with me anymore
was I a bore

It was fun and suspenseful while it lasted
but now I feel as if our relationship has been blasted

how could you just ignore me
why did I think we could actually be

I felt loved when you sent me a card on my belated
but now I just feel hated

used to think of you till it hurt
I used to love it when we both would flirt

how could you not call
I feel as if I am about to fall

into the ocean
because I am without your love and devotion

calling me, calling you
at least that's what we used to do

how could you act
but now I know one true fact

that whenever I would think of you
I wish I wouldn't feel so blue

and knowing that when I see you
I will probably never feel the same way I used to

whenever I was with you I would feel safe and secure
but now I feel as if our love was never that pure

my friend used to say love will happen for you someday
but I never knew I had to pay

a fee of being hurt
and then after wards feeling like dirt

do you know what it feels like to be ignored
I can't believe you were the one I once adored

we were together from April thirtieth to some where in August
and now it just feels like out love combined
has just turned into dust


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