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Sunday, 9 February 2014

i have a friend, her name is Life

BY: KHan

i have a friend, her name is Life. We joke around i call her hairy. We were friends since kindergarten, and we even started a garden. We will always be friends, we are friends til the end. we both like to pretend we are sisters and we both had blisters. She drove me home from school everyday, and we both think school is cruel. We treat each other like family and in church we sang a homily. i will miss her so much and im kinda pissed. We both like to watch television and we both went on a mission. We asked her mother if we could and she said on one condition. The condition was u do some addition. We said ok then we both layed. We both hate dust and we both trust each other. We both hate our teacher and we both sat on bleachers. We both love taylor Lautner and we think he has been on a trailer. We both love food and we chewed gum and we think some people are dumb. We both love dogs and we found a log. We both almost have the same color hair and we both breate air. If u think this is wierd u better shave ur beard.


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