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Sunday, 9 February 2014

My love was a loser

BY: Aamir Qureshi

I was crazy
I was in love with you
you were half of my heart
and now I am just broken
I can't believe you
That was a pitiful thing you did to me
I can't trust you
I don't know how i was in love with you
It was the craziest thing i ever did
I can't believe you just use people like that it gets me every time i see
you with another innocent girl
your dont deserve me or her
but i thought that you loved me because i was crazy in love with you and
no one mattered more to me than you because you were my everything
and know i have to heal to get over you and let someone eles
love me because you were just a loser and a user i can't believe i
was crazy over you but now i am just getting over you because you stoled
my loving heart and i felt like you ripped it out and then sent it back in
a shoe box which is a pitiful thing to do thats why know one can trust you
cause you take as away and use us then when your done you
throw us back out


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