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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Old Gray(Depression Poems)

BY: Aamir Qureshi

Old Gray
By Lucky Johnston
The day was hot and Dusty
As I saddled up old Gray.
We had to ride the range and fence line,
Forn' we had to
Earn our pay.
As we rode along
I thought of all the times we had,
Heck we were so good at time
And some things we were bad.
Together Old Gray and I
Could out rope any horse or hand,
But we were really happy
Just a ridden' for the brand.
My dad and my Grand dad
Were really top hands.
Made me work even harder
To fill their boots and make a stand.

Weather ropin', workin', Brandin'
Or just sleepin' in the hay.
We were good at all
In our special way.
Old Gray and I had ridden those trails
To heck and back
And we could track any animal or man
That left some sort of track.
We could find those lost out in the woods
Then never take no pay
We did not care for those who broke the law
And then took the outlaw way.
Page two Old Gray
Now time has taken its toll
And Old Gray left today,
Where he will be grazen'
Somewhere up heavens way.

Now I am getting older
And as you see on
I am on my last stand.
Nothin' can replace the love
Of horse and man.
Miss yea Gray; see you in the green pastures some day.
Copyright 'ByLucky Johnston


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