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Sunday, 9 February 2014

SEASONS OF LIFE Gone are the hot days of summer-

BY: Aamir Qureshi

Gone are the hot days of summer-
I watch the leaves turn and a breeze of change fills the air.
The ripples on the river are like the beats of my heart now.
The call of the waterfowl, like the deep voice within me sounds far, far away
I watch days come, I watch days go and it makes me wonder-
Is it a measure of time or is it the same day ' relived over until we get it right?

Perhaps, the river will help me ease the pain.
Perhaps, the pain will always be and the river will only comfort me.
I know not the answer to my question, I only know I question.
It's more than a purpose or where I should go.
I sit here waiting for a feeling'something to guide me through this day.
I listen to the wind, I gaze toward the stars, and I look to nature for a sign.
When I reach out to you - you vanish.
Sometimes I feel you near and I set a place for you.
Yet, I know your journey has taken you far from me.
Still, I await your return.

To share my world with you is no longer possible.
To forget the world we shared together will be my greatest challenge.
This is our time of year - our October,
The month of peaceful death
When the entire world is ready for one last burst of energy
Before the long sleep of winter.
My arms grow cold without your warmth within them.
My lips are dry without your kiss.
My heart is cracked and broken from the loneliness.
Our home is silent from the loss of laughter within its halls.

It is said that one person can not make a difference in the world,
Yet, you made a difference in mine.
The space where you stood can not be filled, it will forever remain empty.
Perhaps, my heart will heal like the buds returning to the trees in spring
But, where love is lost in this world, a scar will still remain.


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