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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Secret of loveing you

BY:Aamir Qureshi

Is this a spell
you put upon my heart.
I wish can stop my
brain from thinking
of you.Because you
are beautiful.
an wow!
Your tender way
make my heart beat
fast.An most of all
i find peace in your
beauty.What is this!
Big secret of loving
someone.The secret of
loving you is showing
no fear nor tears.
To say ilove you
every day.An my love
alway stand an strong
till the end of time.
An alway be true blue as
the sea.I think this
is the secret of loving
you.With tender words
of my heart.alway care
an respect you for you.
An alway respect your
idea about life.
An share my time. An also
listen to your heart.


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