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Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Race I Never Won(LOve Lost Poem)

BY:Aamir Qureshi


You wait at the starting line,
The tingle of anxiety is rushing through your skin,
As you wait for it all to begin.
You hear the shot blow,
And you take off,
Full speed and energy.
You're starting off too fast,
You won't have enough strength,
To finish strong.
The starting line is disappearing,
Barely existent as you look back.
You suddenly lose the energy you once had.
Taking things slower,
Regretting you're starting pace.
Wish you could go back,
Do it all again,
But it's too late now.
You're trying to hold on,
To that motivation that had brought you this far,
But there is nothing to look forward to.
The finish line seems so far away,
You want the end to come soon.
You can't take it anymore.
So much pressure to pick up the speed,
Who would want to put you through this?
Minutes seem like hours,
As you try to hold on to something,
That you know is not there.
The finish line is slowly approaching,
You can finally see it
In the distance ahead,
Finally in your reach.
You've learned to ignore the pain,
And gain the endurance,
That was once in your possession.
You're the last person to cross the finish line,
You feel like you're going to die,
Angry that you had to go through that.
But in the back of you're mind,
You're just relieved that the race is finally over,
And you no longer have to deal with the pain


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