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Sunday, 9 February 2014

You Know You (Lost Love Poems)

BY:Aamir Qureshi

I remember one of the hundred days you were here

You looked me in the eye and saw my fear

Not to worry you would make it alright

(yeah right. you're nothing. you just kept me up all night)

There was one time when i hugged you and you held me tight

Still I don't know whether or not you really cared

( whatever though, you just took advantage of me when i was scared)

My life revolved around just you . No one else could compete

(Silly little me felt like you made me SO complete)

I've never been so brainwashed manipulated and lied too

(I can't believe the same person punched me that i cried too)

I will always try but nothing will be enough for you to go away

(I'd give almost anything to not live in fear of you. for just one day)

Im sure you're sitting on your couch beer in hand, Nintendo Wii

(haha you'll never think of me)

YOU know YOU, YOU don't care about anyone but YOU

( All those things you promised, to bad non of them were true)

Hope you're happy in your cozy little apartment place

(Be careful not to fill it with too many lies. its small. you will run out of space)

Thanks anyway for the years to come that i will live in hate

(I will always be amazed at the amount of pain you were able to create)

I hope you move away. I will never have to see your face

( move along faster. move 2,000 miles.C'mon already pick up the pace!)

If you ever see me and i don't see you, please don't say hi to me

( you'd be surprised at how noneffective you're growing age can be)

Anyhow I hope you know If you pass me just keep on going let me go

(If you are around I don't want to know)

If you should think of me one day never try to find me

(All the pain


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