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Sunday, 9 February 2014

You Said To Me, That Friendship Lasts Forever,

 BY: Aamir Qureshi

You Said To Me
That Friendship Lasts Forever
But I Dont Believe That Anymore
I Thought That I Could Trust You
To Be There For Me
Through Thick And Thin
But I Guess I Was Wrong
You Say I Lie
But Im Telling You The Truth
You Dont Listen
You Act As If Im Not There
As If Im Nothing
As If I Am A Ghost
That You Cannot See
As If You Could Walk Right Through Me
And Feel Nothing
I Thought You Understood
How I Felt About You
That You Were My Best Friend
But You Dont
You Hate Me
Im Not Here
So I Might As Well Just Not Exist
So Good Bye Forever,
Though I Relize
You Will Never Say The Same To Me
You Never Considered
That I Would Always Be There For You
No Matter What
I Would Die For You
My Best Friend
That I Thought I Had
But I was Just Fooling Myself
So I Could Feel Better
But I Get It Now
You Never Gave A Care
About What I Felt
Im Just Here
In The Realm Of Nothingness
I Can Feel Noting
I Am Nothing
So I Might As Well Die.


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