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Saturday, 17 May 2014

101 CommentLuv DoFollow Blogs With High PageRank to Increase BlogTraffic

101 CommentLuv DoFollow Blogs With High PageRank to Increase BlogTraffic 

I would be Revealing to your 101 CommentLuv DoFollow blogs with high pagerank which you can use to increase your traffic, boost your search engine ratings and get good page rank in the long run. Blog commenting is one of the major ways to get DoFollow links back to your website, because most times when you try submitting your your guest articles to blogs with high page rank, its quite a bit of a headeche. So whats the best way to get your link blog? 

How Blog With CommentLuv Plugin Improve Your Traffic 

The thing about commenting on blogs with commentLuv plugin enabled is that, for every comment you leave, you get two links. One to your blogs homepage and the other to any of your 10 latest post. Now the idea is, when you comment frequently on those blogs, the readers of that blog would see the links back to your blog giving your more traffic. This would also boost your own page rank and search result position .

List Of 101 CommentLuv Do Follow Blogs For Commenting .

Tips: Learn How To Find CommentLuv Do Follow Blogs Yourself and start commenting on targetted blogs.

The blog below has page ranks of PR2 - PR6. When you comment on them, be sure to make it long, atleast 100 characters to improve the chance of it getting approved. Short comments most times are regarded as spam.

Commenting on blogs is not only for improving traffic and page rank, it also gives you recognition by other bloggers in that niche. A blog is more likely to accept your guest post if they see you as an active memeber and commentator on the blog and not just a person who approaches them solely because of guest posts.  There are thousands of DoFollow CommentLuv Blogs in the blogoshpere so lets starting listing using the commentbox below. Be sure to list your won blog it it has commentLuv, enabled - See more at:


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